About Us

Wild House Pictures is an award winning multicultural production company, offering all ranges of production services to Directors, Photographers, Agencies & Top Brands from all over the world. We are characterized by always offering high quality production and outstanding technology experience in every project we get involved.

As social media rises as a cultural revolution, consumers continue to turn toward digital content, and brands and agencies must embrace these new paradigms faster than ever before. We understood that and we focus on producing creative, compelling and shareable content to deliver beyond expectations. We create our own content which make us more efficient and allow us to pass the savings onto the brands and agencies.

From our headquarters in Miami, FL we are proud to represent a great team of talented directors and photographers, always excelling and achieving more than its expected from them in digital productions, viral videos, web branded content, tv-shows, webisodes, and traditional media.

At the end WildHouse is a model of creative and innovative production management, that balance the need to manage limited budgets without ever comprising our commitment to high quality execution.